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Kristiane Heidrich has been treating my chronic lung disease, sinusitis and asthma for approximately one year. I have found Cranial Sacral Therapy to be a very effective treatment for the clearance of mucus from my lungs. Combined with the breathing and clearance techniques taught by Kristiane, Cranial Sacral helps to ease the congestion in my chest. For me, this means that I can breathe more easily and cough with less strain on my body.
Having undergone major lung and sinus surgery many years ago, much of Kristiane’s initial treatment concentrated on the scar tissue in these areas of my body. I feel there is now increased movement and air flow in these areas, which is a noticeable difference and improvement to my overall wellbeing. An added emotional benefit, from these sessions, was the release of the very intense pain that I had experienced as a child undergoing major surgery.
I do experience immediate and ongoing relief from respiratory constriction and sinus congestion after every treatment session. Kristiane’s treatment plays an integral part in the long term management of my chronic conditions.
Kristiane is a highly skilled professional with a remarkable gift and passion for healing. I highly recommend Kristiane to everyone and am always thankful that I am in such expert hands.
-- Louise Murphy

I wanted to thank you for your work with my 4 month old twins, Lola and Henry. There was a marked difference in Lola immediately after the first session, with a much calmer and stronger baby. I didn't expect the session to work on her behaviour since I went to check her neck tension/strength, but was very pleased with the result! The second session made further improvements and I didn't feel any more were required. Thank you!
-- Gabrielle Coffey


I am a physiotherapist and if someone had tried to convince me of the efficacy of Craniosacral Therapy I would have dismissed their comments as being false, until quite unexpectedly I experienced the benefits myself.
It took me about eighteen months to discover Craniosacral Therapy and when I did I started to experience an amazing physical change in my body.
About three years ago the GP diagnosed my severe all too regular headaches, tiring muscles and fluctuating swollen joints as Fibromyalgia. He prescribed a daily dose at night of 30 mg of Allegron® and as many Imagran® as I wished to take.
Along with the tablets he recommended I attend his favourite physiotherapist, a sports medicine guy, with particular interest in neck exercises to assist in controlling migraine.
After a couple of visits to this sports physiotherapist for my neck, my right ankle started to do its swelling act. This he treated with exercise and manipulation but I did not respond “properly” and when my left knee started to give way when climbing stairs. he was obviously out of his comfort zone and recommended I purchase cumbersome splints which I was definitely not interested in doing.
For about nine months I plodded along coping with a heavy full time work load gulping down Allegron® (the side effect of which was urinary urgency and weight gain) and Imagran ® until I tore some soft tissue in my left thigh. I was in a lot of pain and found it really hard to climb stairs (rather awkward when you live in a two storey house).
Serendipitously two work colleagues were seeing “a physio” close to our office. Both were doing well so I decided to make a time with Kristiane Heidrich
Gradually under her care:

  • soft tissues in my left thigh healed
  • headaches reduced in number
  • unstable knee became a thing of the past
  • Allegron® was not required
  • Imagran® intake reduced.

The strange bit is that with each treatment it feels as though past injuries are being identified, worked on and reversed. It takes about 3 days after each session for my body to accept the changes but after that benefits are very real.
I look around at the community and wonder why people accept drugs, splints and operations when something so simple as Craniosacral Therapy can change their lives.
Kristiane is very update and has excellent skill with her very sensitive hands.
-- Winsome Baker

I first went to Kristiane because of a sprained ankle. I could hardly walk on it. My daughter had been telling me how much she had helped her and how wonderful she was.
I was still amazed though that after one session with Kristiane I was able to walk quite comfortably and easily and did so all the way home. My ankle continued to heal and very soon I was walking with no discomfort whatsoever.
I went to see Kristiane for help with my respiratory problem I ‘ve had for over two years. After my first session to work on my lungs I was able to breathe more easily than I’d done in the two previous years. I felt ten years younger and lighter, everything was easier for me to do.
I literally feel as though a weight has been lifted off my chest. My lungs no longer wheeze or rattle and I feel so much stronger.
Kristiane is a wonderful person, just as my daughter kept telling me. I think she has a healing effect on the people she sees. Kristiane is both extremely professional and very caring. I’m very grateful for the huge change she’s been able to effect in my breathing and overall well-being.
-- Gillian

As a tree service contractor, I do a hard, physical job. A couple of years ago I injured myself as a result of overexerting myself and abusing my body over years in the job. I originally came to see Kristiane in desperation after having seen other therapists. I did wonder if my career was over for a while there, but soon enough I was back in the trees plying my trade.

Following the success with treatments focused around my lower back, I have seen Kristiane for niggling strains and pains in other areas with the same positive results. Interestingly, I even found that resolving physical issues impacted me mentally by reducing stress and giving me the ability to sleep better. I found myself looking for reasons to book in for treatment and never hesitate to have some work done if I have a reasonable excuse. I truly believe that Kristiane is a hidden gem and deserves the most glowing reference.
-- Anthony Kairouz

Kristiane Heidrich has used her extensive skills in craniosacral and visceral mobilization to bring relief to my chronic arthritis condition, a condition that has been worsening for thirty years. Whilst there is no known cure, Kristiane has been extremely successful in :

  • Increasing my mobility in my limbs
  • Improving circulation
  • Lessening some associated clenching pain
  • Gradually allowing me to work on improving my posture
  • Lowering pain levels in my neck and spine by offering a sustained course of craniosacral therapy
  • Providing partial practical solutions which assist me to live more successfully with a high level of chronic arthritis.

Kristiane’s strong interest in her work and her ongoing professional education are much appreciated. For me, her strength lies in her capacity and ability to work towards independence, not dependency.
-- Lynne

I have had ongoing neck and back problems and have tried everything -- acupuncture, massage, chiropractic treatments, everything! Only cranio-sacral therapy gives sustained, medium-term relief from the tightness and headaches. Part of me thinks Kristiane just has magic fingers. One session makes my body feel more relaxed than a two-hour massage.
-- Alex May

I have found that Kristiane is a physiotherapist of exceptional God-given talent for healing those in need of her ease. Without her expertise over the years I would not be able to carry on in the workforce. I would recommend her to all who need professional help.
-- Sister Carmel Whybrow

Twenty years of working as a television camera operator makes for one bad back. After just two sessions with Kristiane, I had more mobility than I could ever remember. I felt like I was 15 years younger and felt stronger. I was the only person in the camera room carrying a 12kg camera that didn't suffer constant back pain.
-- Kevin May

I have utilised the services of Kristiane over the past three years, once for a severe shoulder problem and currently for epicondylitis of the right elbow. She was recommended to me by one of my co-workers who had also utilised her services successfully.

I have found Kristiane to be very professional in all aspects and the pain relief her treatment has afforded me has been astounding. Her extensive knowledge combined with practical, hands-on experience certainly assisted me in a full recovery from an extensive shoulder problem that was preventing me from either sleeping properly or working a full day at my secretarial job.

I returned to Kristiane about a year after the recovery from the shoulder problem as I had developed severe epicondylitis of the right elbow. My local GP had given me two cortisone injections into the site, which although extremely painful at the time had offered me some temporary relief. As this temporary relief did not prove to be lasting enough for me and was also impacting on my ability to work full-time, I again sought assistance from Kristiane. Her treatment combined with the stretching and strengthening exercises she recommended has made all the difference. Four months later I am almost 100%.

I have referred many people to Kristiane and without exception they have also been impressed with her treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
-- Christina Brooks

I sought treatment with Kristiane because the ITB on my right leg was so stiff that I couldn’t straighten my leg properly or walk without pain. I’d had an ACL reconstruction on each knee six and 12 years previously and had quite a few minor problems related to those operations but had still been able to play soccer regularly until the deterioration in the ITB.

I’d been pushing my body and ignoring warning signs so I wasn’t surprised when during the initial session Kristiane described my right leg as being "like a wooden leg".

Since the treatment the muscle tone in my legs has improved markedly and the tightness in my ITB is gone. Other improvements (that I wasn’t seeking) include: a marked reduction in tension in the jaw, much more flexibility in the neck and shoulders -- a chronic problem area, previously – and no recurrence of occasional lower back pain despite a sedentary job.

During a typical session I’ve learnt to notice what seems like an energy flow and can get an idea of what Kristiane is working on during the session. Sometimes, when a stillpoint is reached I’ve had an emotional reaction and remembered then released some forgotten or hidden pain. This has been an unexpected benefit and although I don’t suppose you could measure it I feel that my heart, for example, is now working "on all four cylinders". While the sessions are gentle and meditative the effects have been powerful.
-- Richard Beardshall

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