Protecting Your Health

For over 30 years we have been protecting your health while treating your pain. For your peace of mind we thought we would highlight how we do that…

We Routinely apply industry standard infection control principles…always
  1. An arriving client enters our facility through the front entrance and the departing client leaves our facility through the rear exit to ensure client-to-client contact is avoided
  2. We ensure that there is a scheduled gap between all clients so that an arriving client experiences a private waiting room experience while staff sanitises the treatment room of the departing client
  3. At critical times we close the practice to “walk-ins” to ensure client-to-client contact is avoided
  4. Only one therapist is present in a session to minimise person-to-person contact
  1. We regularly wipe door handles and communal area surfaces
  2. Anti-bacterial OR normal hand soap is available as per client’s preference
  3. The client’s treatment session is performed by a qualified therapist with / without mask & gloves as per client’s preference
  4. Treatment equipment is cleaned after every client session
  5. Assessment gowns and shorts are freshly laundered on a per-use basis
  6. Treatment towels are freshly laundered on a per-use basis
  7. Disposable paper pillowcase protectors are provided on a per-use basis
  8. Single-use plastic cups are provided for thirsty clients and then discarded
Please note…

We are open for business as usual but have enacted our standard precautions when a flu, such as COVID-19, is in circulation.
We apologise for any inconvenience but we know you understand that this is for your protection.

Our goal, as always, is to relieve your pain within a safe environment.

  • Until further notice we are not accepting walk-in clients. We apologise for the inconvenience but this for everyone’s protection. Please book online or via phone and we will be pleased to treat you.
  • When booking a session we will, of course, need to ask you if you have been overseas recently, have met with anyone who you know has been overseas recently, or have recently participated in a group event such as a wedding.
  • We would appreciate if you would let us know in advance if you would like your treatment session to be performed by the therapist using mask & gloves so we can plan accordingly.